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Whence Quasinatus? It began with the notion of Quasimodo. But this name seemed too common, already having use and associations which might conflict. And it is also not complete, being but a fragment of the phrase "Quasi modo geniti infantes" which is the beginning of introit for Low Sunday (the Sunday following Easter). Quasimodo in archaic usage refers to this particular Sunday. This Latin means: "as if in the way of new born babes." Quasinatus can be taken to mean: "as if a son" or "as if born or existent." This, as far as I know, is a new word or compound which I invented.
The sense "as if existent" has wider applicability in the modern milieu. It is actually a perfect expression of existence in cyberspace, and probably is a more honest representation of what is meant by "virtual reality," which is a most extreme misuse of language. Does a compelling counterfeit of reality posses virtue? Or, more likely, vice? Quasinatus does have real existence, and to maintain academic integrity I will provide this peek behind the veil of phantom appearance here: 1010001 1010101 1000001 1010011 1001001 1001110 1000001 1010100 1010101 1010011. This is binary seven-bit ASCII (American Standard Coding for Information Interchange) for "QUASINATUS". Here it is in hexadecimal (base 16) for good measure: 51 55 41 53 49 4E 41 54 55 53. I learned this a long time ago, and can't guarantee the character encoding on any given computer, but the principle remains the same: these characters represent electrical signals that are the true essence of everything that exists behind your screen, throughout the microcircuits in the plastic you are fondling, and throughout whatever ethers of anesthesias your Ethernet is propagating (you are here). As Moody Blues put it so well: "now you're magnetic ink."
There must surely be more to human existence than this. In the post-modern world, is it blasphemy to invoke Fatherhood? Quasinatus, as if a Son, suggests a corollary: as if having a Father, and it is this assertion of the virtue in original masculinity which expresses hope and determination. This was my impulse in coining the name. This usage also suggests adoption: as having nothing, and yet possessing all things. But that is another story...

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